Dakmara-Ana Georgescu in April 2012 joined the UNESCO Office in Beirut, Regional Bureau of Education for the Arab States, as Programme Specialist in charge with Curriculum, Teachers and Higher Education. She is currently coordinating the Office’s Regional Programmes for Learning/Curriculum and Teachers, while contributing also to different Education in Crisis programmes and projects. Before she had coordinated the Technical Assistance for curriculum development of UNESCO’s International Bureau of Education (UNESCO IBE, in Geneva, Switzerland, 2003-2012).

She graduated 1982 the History and Philosophy School of Bucharest University, majoring in Philosophy. In 2017 she received her Doctoral Degree in Philosophy (University Babes-Bolyai/Romania) with a Thesis on “Philosophical Paradigms of Education. Current Approaches to Learning”.

She had worked first as a secondary school teacher and since 1990 as a senior researcher in the Curriculum Department of the Romanian Institute for Educational Sciences. From December 1997 to December 2000

she served as the Advisor to the Minister (primary and secondary education reform) within the Romanian Ministry of National Education. She has also in the nineties and early 2000 contributed to several long-term processes of systemic curriculum reforms in Eastern Europe under the auspices of international organizations such as UNICEF, UNESCO, the Council of Europe, and the World Bank.

She is the author of numerous textbooks and other teaching aids in the realm of education for democratic citizenship (EDC), HRE and Global Citizenship Education (GCE). Her works also include articles and books on philosophy teaching; educational reform policies; curriculum processes and products (with a focus on emphasizing Learning to Live Together, competency development for life and work, and Gender Equality); and on issues of intercultural and political education.

Contact details: d.georgescu@unesco.org